Book Reveiw


goosebumps return of the living dummy is a book made by R.L Stine Revenge_of_the_Living_Dummy                                        it was a really good book it was exiting it made me want to keep reading it although it left you  on a cliffhanger. It had suspension, horror and humor. It was a great book and I would recommend it to anybody.


100 Word Challenge With The Line (and then behind the door) part 1

Hi I’m Jerry and today I’m so exited because I’m going to school camp and we get to do archery, the giant swing and we also go, go carting.

                                                            1 HOUR LATER

I’m on the bus to the camp. THERE IT IS, OH MY GOD you can see the giant swing from here. It is literally giant.  The other kids at school say it is one hundred meters tall. We are now at the camp and we are getting off the bus.  I’m at the front of the bus, then the doors open and then behind the door is mr silver.  

Greg and he’s three wishes

“Mummy Mummy look it’s a dandelion kids at school say that if you make three wishes then you blow on it then the fairy’s pick up the pieces and make your wishes come true”.  “Ok honey do what you want but I will warn you right now if you make that wish it might not come true” and  Greg said “Ok Mummy so Greg made those wishes and that night something magical happened and the wishes had come true. The next morning Greg woke up and looked outside but there was nothing to see so he looked in the garage still nothing to see. So Greg went to his Mum and said “Mummy my wish didn’t come true” so Greg’s Mum said “Greg honey the kids at school could have been lying to you, so you better get ready for school”. Later that day Greg was walking out of his house and banged into something but nothing was there so Greg walked around it. A bit later that day Greg walked up to Jeff, Andy and Jack who were the year sixes that told him about the dandelion trick and said to them “I did the dandelion thing but it didn’t work why are you guys lying to me” and Jack said to him “how dumb are you  we were lying to make a fool out of you sucker” So Greg ran off crying. Later that day Greg was on he’s way home and out the front there it was his wish had come true Greg yelled out “HOLY COW MY WISH CAME TRUE IS’S A FORD MUSTANG BOSS”. Greg ran inside and said “MUMMY LOOK OUT SIDE THERE IT IS MY WISH IT CAME TRUE”. So Greg looked in the key hanger and he yelled “AND THERE ARE THE KEYS FOR IT”. Greg ran outside once again and opened  up the car and looked in the glove compartment and yelled again “AND THERE’S MY DRIVERS LICENSE and Greg’s Mum said “OMG”. So for the rest of that day Greg went driving around the block and showed all of the people that lied to him that the wish had come true. THE END.

old ford mustang boss

book review

the story of salt:

I thought the story was going to be children’s book  it was a cartoon fact book it talked about the story of salt like where it comes from and what it does to the body it is a good book for year three to year five but if you are older then that you will find it easy and not interesting or if younger it will seem more complicated, I give the book a 7/10

oh the places you’ll go: I think the book has a message behind it. I think it is something a parent would tell their child like a life lesson. I think that life lesson was like a bird leaving the nest and things mainly will go your way but when they don’t you shouldn’t get upset over it. It is a good book for kids to learn life lessons.

Lifebuoy Help a Child reach 5

This is a video about a man with his first child to reach five years of age. Every year two million children die of infections like diarrhoea and pneumonia. A lot of these deaths can be prevented by the simple act of washing hands with soap. Lifebuoy has reached 130 million across the world to teach them healthy hand washing habits. The video is set in a village in India called Thesgora which has one of the highest rates of diarrhoea. So enjoy watching this video.


As soon as I walked into the cinema I smelt the sweet aroma of the popcorn. My mouth was watering at the thought of it. As soon as the movie started the sound was so loud that it hurt your ears. And the high definition screen was so good that you felt like you wee part of the movie.

When I walked into Universal Studios there as excitement all around me. There were people selling popcorn everywhere. There were awesome rides surrounding you and they looked so cool  you just had to go on them. There was a Starbucks coffee so if you want a drink break you can have one.

As soon as I walked into baseball stadium there was mini food stores everywhere and there was a ice cream that I had that was delicious and whet I first saw it it looked so good. Once a bowler bowls the ball there is a score board that shows the MPH the ball went and one person threw it 93 MPH.

My success criteria for literacy

Navigate and read texts for specific purposes applying appropriate text processing strategies, for example predicting and confirming, monitoring meaning, skimming and scanning.
Use comprehension strategies strategies to analyse information, integrating and linking ideas from a variety of print and digital sources