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St Bernard of Montjoux was probably born in Italy. He became a priest, was made Vicar General of Aosta, and spent more than four decades doing missionary work in the Alps. He built schools and churches in the diocese but is especially remembered for two Alpine hospices he built to aid lost travelers in the mountain passes named Great and Little Bernard, after him. The men who ran them in time became Augustinian canons regular and built a monastery. The Order continued into the twentieth century. He was proclaimed the patron saint of Alpinists and mountain climbers by Pope Pius XI in 1923. He is sometimes fallaciously referred to as Bernard of Menthon and the son of Count Richard of Menthon, which he was not. His feast day is May 28th.


The Seven Sacraments


You  get water poured on your head also  this is the first stage to becoming a catholic.


when you receive this sacrament you are forgiven for your sins this sacrament brings the indigenous and non-indigenous people together.


It is a bit like the last supper because you get to have the bread and wine at church for the first time and the priest says  what Jesus said at the last supper.


You usually recivie this sacrament as a teenager, this sacrament helps you strengthen and guide you as a Christian.



In England the year 1576 you were allowed  to get married at the age of 10, marriage is the fifth sacrament in the hall of sacraments.

Holy Orders

Holy Orders are the three steps to becoming a pope, bishop, priest or  a con.

Anointing The Sick

If you still believe in  this sacrament at the age of death god will care for you, if your at the age of death you can go to church and get a special oil to rub in to your skin



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